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شامبو بانتين برو-في صحي ونظيف - 600 مل

جنيه 63.45
(شامل قيمة الضريبة)


Hit refresh on your hair with Pantene Pro-V Daily Care shampoo. It gently cleanses and removes styling build-up, leaving your locks shining from root to tip. A simple solution for any hair type, it is an easy, shareable shampoo that provides manageability whether your hair is long, short, curly, wavy or straight, prepping it for any style. It also works to make your hair more resistant to styling damage, leaving hair feeling moisturized and revitalized at the same time.

سبب الشراء

• Gently cleanses and leaves hair shiny from root to tip
• Pantene Pro-V Daily Care shampoo
• Removes styling build-up for fresh, clean, healthy-looking mane
• Deeply moisturizes and helps protect hair against styling damage
• For all hair types
• Suitable for everyday use
• For best results, use with Pantene Pro-V Daily Care hair treatment