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شامبو بانتين برو-في علاج ميلكي للشعر التالف - 400 مل

جنيه 50.95
(شامل قيمة الضريبة)


Restore your hair's natural beauty and shine with Pantene Pro-V Milky Damage Repair shampoo, specially designed for damaged and dry hair. Its gentle, but deeply nourishing cleansing formula with milky lotion, locks moisture inside each hair strand to help repair styling-induced damage and protect your hair from recurring moisture loss. It also works to make it more resistant to styling-related damage in the future, leaving your hair smoother and healthier-looking.


سبب الشراء

• Deeply nourishes and helps restore hair's natural beauty
• Pantene Pro-V Milky damage Repair shampoo
• Delicate formula with milky lotion, that locks moisture inside hair
• Helps repair styling-induced damage
• Works to protect hair from future damage due to styling
• For dry and damaged hair