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شامبو بانتين برو-في امتزاج الطبيعة - 400 مل

جنيه 49.75
(شامل قيمة الضريبة)


Experience nourishment inspired by nature with Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion shampoo. Every bottle of this gentle cleansing shampoo contains active Cassia flower extracts, specially chosen for its ability to moisturize hair from its roots down to its tips. Nature Fusion shampoo also helps improve overall hair structure to prevent the appearance of split ends and naturally moisturizes your hair, leaving it smooth and healthy-looking.

سبب الشراء

• Gently cleanses and moisturizes hair to help prevent the appearance of split ends
• Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion shampoo
• With Cassia flower extract to moisturize hair from root to tip
• Leaves hair stronger against breakage due to styling damage
• For dry and lifeless hair
• Suitable for everyday use
• For best results, use with other products from Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion collection