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    Enjoy Amazing Coffee At Home With Nespresso
    There is nothing like going back home and brewing yourself a warm cup of coffee to give you energy to keep on going for the rest of the day, or waking up to the make a cup of coffee and smell the aroma of the lovely roasted coffee beans or coffee dripping from coffee capsules, but let us all be honest, the process can throw you away, it takes time, however now with the latest Nespresso machine, you can get the coffee you love with just a Nespresso capsule of your liking and the press of a button !

    What are the flavors of espresso machine Nespresso?
    There are a lot of different flavors for the Nespresso capsules some of them are Roma, Volluto, Ristretto, Livanto and more, the difference is the intensity of the espresso made in the espresso machine.

    What is the best dessert to have next to a shot of espresso?
    There are alot of different sweets that goes well with espresso, like tiramisu, cheesecakes, as well as peanut butter bites.
    Shop your espresso machine today, choose from thousands of flavors of coffee pods, and get to know thousands of other products in the electronics section at Carrefour online.