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Twix Chocolate Biscuit - 50 grams

EGP 9.75
(Inc. VAT)


● Rich, smooth and creamy chocolate texture offers a relishing experience
● Serves as a rich source of proteins and fibre
● Free from artificial additives, artificial colourings or preservatives

Reasons To Buy

TWIX wasn't always divided into Left and Right. Once upon a time, brothers Earl and Seamus were united by an extraordinary idea: to combine cookie, caramel and chocolate into one beautiful bar. But even as they developed their big idea, their differences were evident. Both perfectionists, Seamus and Earl clashed on everything from chocolate-pouring technique to caramel consistency. The final straw came at the Grand Unveiling of their new TWIX bar. Tensions reached a breaking point and the bar snapped. So too did the brothers' tempers and the occasion quickly descended into fisticuffs. Unable to reach an agreement and with neither willing to give way, the brothers had no choice: they had to divide the company. Earl rode away as far as possible to establish his enterprise, but found himself only yards from Seamus's chosen plot. Each designed a unique building to house his factory, and each sneered at the mediocrity of the factory opposite.